Saturday, March 16, 2024

Stress Free!

All this talk of Stress Tests on mid cap and small cap funds....all because of the extra 'froth' that every good cup of coffee has...and attracts! My point is asset allocation is a function of your Risk Profile and Risk appetite. As per your portfolio plan, you would allocated funds into the asset class with time horizons proportionately. Surely, it could not have been looking at liquidity, days for liquidation of portfolio, when deciding on a mid cap or small fund! A pure overnight or liquid fund will be just right for that. So if a frothy coffee excites you, remember there is a Starbucks price to it, there is a doctor signoff based on your health condition...and most importantly why you are having the coffee?!! Is it time pass, grabbing a quick bit before you move on or it is a deliberate SIP ..before better things ahead?!! Life is not all about stress tests only....but health is! So healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and planned investments...the road to Stress free life. #joyofliving #joyofinvesting #stressfree

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