Tuesday, August 29, 2023


What happens to your provident fund after early retirement?

EPF – Employees’ Provident Fund.

If you are a salary earner, you can choose to contribute 12 per cent of the basic income and dearness allowance to EPF each month due to the following reasons:

The monthly contributions are eligible for tax deduction (old tax regime only)

Your savings will earn tax-free interest The money deposited can come in handy during an emergency It can be a retirement corpus

When you withdraw your provident fund, the entire amount is exempt from tax .


Question 1: What will happen to the EPF account if you retire early? The account will remain operable for three years after retirement. For instance, if you retire today - August 2023 - at the age of 52, the EPF account will remain operable until August 2026.

 Question 2: Will my EPF money continue to earn interest? Yes, it will earn interest as long as the EPF account is operable. And as you know, the EPF account is operable for three years after you have retired. Just an added information, you'll earn an interest of 8.15 per cent this financial

Question 3: Is the interest I earn on EPF tax-free?
As long as you are employed and contributing to the EPF, the interest you earn is exempt from tax. However, once you retire, the interest you earn is taxable. In this case, the interest is added to your annual income and then taxed accordingly.

The last word
Don't forget to withdraw your money while your EPF account is still operable. Because if you fail to remember and your EPF account becomes inoperable after three years, your hard-earned corpus will stop earning further interest, and inflation will reduce the value of the savings gradually.


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