Monday, March 28, 2022

Win With SIP ... especially with summer round the corner!


 Systematic Investment

Plan (SIP)

A SIP is nothing but a method of investing in mutual funds.

It involves investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals in the selected mutual fund scheme.

Its core premise is that it ensures money is invested in a consistent and regular manner in mutual fund/s of investors’ choice.

Investors can set up one or several SIPs across different schemes, directed at different goals as per their convenience, affordability and preferred frequency.

Why opt for SIPs?

Choosing the SIP mode of investing offers several benefits to investors, such as:

  •  Slow & Steady Wins the Race

    When market is at a low or making new highs, investors either get wary and exit the market or rejoice with the booming market. SIP investing keeps you steady on your financial roadmap by ensuring investments are made consistently towards your goals.

  •  Removes the Need to Time the Market

    Through an SIP, an investor invests smaller amounts across several dates instead of investing a big amount on a single date. So, for the same investment amount he gets more units when the market is falling, and get fewer units when market goes up, ultimately averaging out the cost of his investment. This helps him navigate market volatility without the need to time the market.

  • • Multiple SIPs for Multiple goals

    Investors can have different goals at different points of their life – be it smaller goals such as buying a car or funding a holiday or larger, more critical goals like retirement. In fact, you may even have separate goals for each of your family members. SIP can be used to achieve these multiple goals. Investors can set up different SIPs in different funds to suit different goals.

  • • A Small Gateway to a Huge Universe

    SIP enables investors to invest across different asset classes like equity, debt, gold etc. with small investment amounts. SIP can be started with monthly investments of as low as INR 500.

  • SIP can easily be considered a small package that packs a big punch in our long term goals. And with dedicated SIP for every goal, we can all aim for a fulfilling and enriched life as every dream comes alive and we can #WINWITHSIP

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